Problems with Teams/Skype and (personal) contacts

Hello reddit,


i am fairly new to O365 (Business) and trying to get around. Can you suggest some Guides and learning material for o365 administration beside the MSFT ones?

Also there are some questions where i could not find a satisfying answer.

1) Getting existing PeopleApp contacs in Outlook is kinda tricky. Is there a better way to do this than mine?

My consumer Skype contacts are connected with the People App. So I connected my O365 Account in the hope that it syncs – it did not. I had to manually activate O365 on each contact – much hustle, didnt do. Next solution was to export all Skype contacts as csv, than import to Outlook (trying to match the fields as good as possible). Now i got the contacts on Outlook and also twice now in People. Some of them merged by themselfes, but most i have to manually join. So my workaround did not save me any time.

My goal was to find my Skype contacts in Teams now.

But now I only have (exactly) one contact that i can find/message/call in Teams. That contact uses consumer Skype (like all accounts i want to import). While i dont get any erros, the user i tried to contact does not get any message nor notification. Also the chat button on my Outlook is greyed out.

(In Teams/Skype Admin center external access+external Skype is activated.)

This leads to the next questions.

2) How is a chat partner identified. There is no Skype or Teams ID field in Outlook. I have read that it will check against Email1 – if so, not optimal in my mind. But can you confirm?

3) Is it even possible to contact consumer Skype with Teams?

I only found this after a long stressful research and an unhelpful ticket request.


It seems possible for S4B but not for Teams (right now)?

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One thought on “Problems with Teams/Skype and (personal) contacts

  1. g10str4 says:

    The first two points are out of my scope, but as far as Skype commercial and Teams go I have a feeling that they wont allow an interop. They made teams free with virtually any Office account and overall there have been some hints towards Skype not being “as actively” developed as before. In my opinion they will force everyone to move to teams, just like they are doing with SfBo.

    As far as learning goes there is Microsoft academy and I would definitely follow blogs out there. The current MS documentation is very weak so don’t count on that

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