Notifications on Service Health Incidents

I act as the SharePoint/OneDrive Admin for my organization and I’ve been searching for a means to receive some sort of email or push notification when things like yesterday’s [SharePoint Service Incident]( that I just happened to notice about 2 hours after it was up. It’s becoming more important for us to be aware of these items as soon as the happen so that we can notify our help desk of impending issues and can notify the admins of these different spaces when the shit is hitting the fan. My boss was discussing manually monitoring the Admin Center on a regular basis but that sounds like a horribly inefficient use of anyone’s time. I’m looking for something more automated.

The best the internet has found me so far is that the O365 Admin App in the App Store can do push notifications (though I guess I’ll have to wait for another incident before I find out if that’s true or not). I thought about trying to build some sort of IFTTT app to force those through to my exchange inbox but our org is extremely strict about 3rd party…anything.


Anyone utilizing anything that fits the bill? I thank you in advance.

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