Remove On-prem Public Folder from Azure AD in O365 Hybrid config

NOTE – not sure whether to post this here or in /r/ExchangeServer. Hoping this is best here.

Scenario –
O365 Hybrid environment.
Exchange 2010 svrs on-prem, with 2016 Hybrid svr

Public Folders are on-prem. The data in the PFs has been copied to O365 Public Folders.

Initially planned on using Microsoft’s guide to migrate the PFs. (

I *did* run the Sync-MailPublicFolders.ps1 script earlier in the process.

Later we switched gears and ultimately used SkyKick to copy the data from the PFs to cloud mailboxes. NOTE – SK Public Folder Migration doesn’t support Hybrid Configurations.

In order to create the PFs in the cloud I first had to run `Set-OrganizationConfig -PublicFoldersEnabled Local`, and once the folders had been created I repeated that command with the `Remote` parameter instead of Local, so that the users could continue working from on-prem. (I’ll worry about the changes later.)

NOW, the bulk of the data has migrated. I’m ready to re-run the above command to effectively cutover the PFs to the cloud.


* How long should I expect (Edit: until) users’ Outlooks recognize the change after I run the Set-OrganizationConfig command, so that they are able to view the cloud-based PFs?

* When I try to add email addresses to the cloud-based PFs I am blocked from doing so, seeing an error telling me there is already a PF with that address. Changing the address on the on-prem folder and then running AAD-Connect (DirSync) doesn’t help. How can I remove Azure AD’s knowledge of the on-prem Public Folder email addresses, or otherwise solve this so that I can add the email addresses to O365 PFs?

* Is it possible to configure specific mailboxes to point to the O365 PFs by manipulating the DefaultPublicFolderMailbox attribute? This would be helpful during testing.


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One thought on “Remove On-prem Public Folder from Azure AD in O365 Hybrid config

  1. noahsmybro says:

    Damn. 257 views. 15 hours. No comments?

    Guess I’m screwed here, might actually have to call MS Support and hope I don’t die of old age before they finally get to an effective & helpful point.

    In case it helps anybody else in the future, I can say that I set the ‘DefaultPublicFolderMailbox’ attribute on a test mailbox that was already in the cloud, and that didn’t seem to affect any change in behavior. The mailbox still connected to on-prem PFs.

    I’ve also tried to search through the Azure admin portal, and can’t find the PFs – neither on-prem or cloud – anywhere in Azure. I believe they must be there, but I’m not seeing them anywhere.

    EDIT: Closed Outlook, waited a while – maybe about 30 minutes? – and re-opened Outlook. NOW the mailbox did connect to the cloud-PFs! Looks like setting the DefaultPublicFoldersMailbox attribute DID make a difference, just took a bit of time.

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