Office 365 for small business, how many users should we subscribe for team?

Hi guys I’m a little new to office 365 for business and reddit and i’m the operations manager for a small tax firm with around 3 employees including myself, owner, and admin. I’m wondering if it is possible to just share one login to access files we can put into dropbox using something like lastpass? Goal is to not need any remote logins.

I would like to implement Onedrive so that our main files can be accessed remotely since all the tech i’m looking to implement would make it so if any of us wanted we can access and do work from home, or give us the flexibility to move anywhere.

We use outlook and the other office applications but from what I’ve read we can download the office applications on up to 5 computers. I don’t want to talk to the microsoft team because they will try to sell us on some IT team and I don’t think our needs are that complicated. I thought about dropbox and []( but I like the idea of having upgraded office applications come with the package.


Any help and opinions are greatly appreciated thank you!

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7 thoughts on “Office 365 for small business, how many users should we subscribe for team?

  1. ScrotumOfGod says:

    I’m like 99% sure you need a license for each person involved, particularly if you want them all to use the version of Office licensed via the account. The 5 device limit is so that a single person can have it installed in multiple places. Home computer, work computer, Windows Tablet, etc…

    That said, if the Office portion isn’t an issue, you can maybe get away with 1 license, then using Sharepoint with External Sharing enabled. The licensed user owns the site, then shares it to the others via an external email address. They’d sign in and be set up with an External user account. I don’t think this would work for Onedrive, but you could put your files into a Sharepoint Library that is accessible to everyone involved. The feasibility of this may depend on the file types, though. This would work well for all the Office formats, and most other common file types, but may not work for filetypes of different accounting apps. I also have no clue about the legality of doing it this way.

  2. fivechickens says:

    Each employee requires a license in order to access the cloud services. You can issue an email-only license (Business Essentials) if you don’t require a desktop copy of Office 365 or already have Office 2013 installed and licensed perpetually.

    Business Essentials is the bare minimum for Office 365 in my opinion, you should also consider Advanced Threat Protection, two-factor authentication, and azure AD integration on Windows 10 Pro. Business essentials enables access to 1TB of OneDrive storage per user, effectively unlimited SharePoint storage, Teams, and quite a few more features that would likely be outside of your organization’s scope.

    Source: We run a 20-40 user 365 implementation here, and I manage IT.

  3. gusgizmo says:

    I give out E1 licenses for throwaway accounts. You should just go with business premium and cancel your google apps account if you want to use 365. Using outlook to access google apps mail sounds really painful. Exchange online is so much better if you use outlook.

    No you cannot share logins. Licensing is based on user count.

  4. DevinSysAdmin says:

    Howdy! I would *never* recommend sharing credentials due to security, accountability and licensing reasons. It’s 5 *computers* not 5 *users*.

    I would recommend that each employee gets their own subscription, own account, securing the latest client updates always and being something you can manage centrally.

    You also have the option for a one time purchase for each license.

    If you’d like additional information, *feel free to PM me*

  5. blazintrailz says:

    You guys are awesome thank you for all the replies! I guess it would likely be best to have 3 users on Office 365 for business and each of us can download any of the office applications to whichever computer we use. For instance we have two locations so I will download the office applications on my computers for each location. Then copy the client files into onedrive to be shared between all three users so they can be accessed and edited from anywhere…and this takes away the need for our slow remote login crap we use now.


    I think sharepoint is overkill since the CRM i’m looking to implement will incorporate a lot of things like tasks and incorporate outlook, calendars, client portals. All the tax software and CRM will be cloud/browser based where we can login from anywhere. Anything we would be missing security wise? The IT company we use we can stop using them for remote services and relegate them to just protecting server I believe.

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