14 thoughts on “Outlook for iOS now supports opening shared/room or other users calendars

  1. Talonize says:

    I can finally save so many licenses because a ton of my users ABOSOLUTELY COULD NOT LIVE without viewing a shared calendar on their phone. Now I just need to find the time to fix this mess that I have caused.

  2. blaughw says:

    Wow this is huge.

    My company actually built an app that gets rooms from the GAL and can book based on their free/busy. I loved every second of it, from using a user’s creds (and not requiring Impersonation or other BS) to it being lightweight and *fast* for ~160 rooms globally.

  3. mav41 says:

    I added a Office 365 shared calendar but all it shows it busy blocks without any details. I have full control of the shared calendar so I should be able to see all details. Is everyone else seeing the same?

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