Multiple users with Skype for Business login issues

Starting this morning, about 15-20 users started getting [this error message]( when trying to log in to Skype for Business. Our health dashboard shows everything is fine. All affected users have S4B license features enabled and were able to log in just fine yesterday.

We’ve already cleared credentials from Skype and CredMan and tried logging in again to no avail. All affected users can still log in to just fine.

From the research I’ve done, this seems to point to an expired license, but that’s not the case. I’ve opened a support ticket with MS, but they’re slow to respond today and I was wondering if any of you have seen this before or have any ideas. Users are mostly all on Win10 machines (with a few Win7) and our environment is in Hybrid Mode, but there is no on-prem Skype server.

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3 thoughts on “Multiple users with Skype for Business login issues

  1. Bossman1086 says:

    Update: We found out what the issue is. We’re using Okta for our SSO in our organization. Okta updated their SSL certs yesterday which is why users didn’t have issues until this morning. We ran a MS [connectivity test]( (note: requires IE) and found Skype was rejecting the new SSL cert.

    Upon further examination, we found it’s only affecting Windows 7 users. We needed to install the TLS 1.2 patch on our Win7 machines, according to MS. [Here’s the patch link MS gave me.]( I tested this and it turns out, we *did* have this patch installed, but we needed to apply the registry fix outlined in the patch KB link. Once I did that on an affected machine and rebooted, Skype was able to connect again. Still need to test on other machines though.

  2. wagenveld says:

    You can try deleting the client certificates?



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