Time for Your Enterprise to Leapfrog Legacy Technologies & Move Straight to Cloud-Based Solutions!

The ways in which consumers and businesses store their information has evolved over the years. There was a time when a 1.4MB data storage floppy disk was commonly used to store valuable information. Later, came the compact disc, which was a major step-up compared to floppy disks in terms of storage size. Portable USB drives are common now. But, the major trend of storing information today is the use of the cloud.

Today, not only consumers, but even businesses store critical information in the cloud due to its accessibility, reliability, and ease of use. Even global corporations have embraced cloud technology to store mission-critical enterprise resources, data, and applications.

However, the problem of accessibility through the WAN remains. Simply moving to the cloud isn’t sufficient. Businesses need a WAN solution that is built for the cloud, and offers superior application performance, even when apps are accessed from half-way around the world.

Before you drop the hat and opt for the WAN solution that the company next door to yours is using, you might want to ask yourself a bunch of questions first.

Is my Enterprise innovating and looking to expand globally?

If you’re adding branch offices globally, your WAN solution is a critical, strategic piece of enabling collaboration within the organization. To this end, you need a WAN solution that is optimized to meet your application performance expectations.

Is MPLS the answer?

Enterprises generally procure MPLS to speed up the delivery of network packets over a private link with dedicated bandwidth for your business. Agile businesses though, simply cannot wait through the protracted deployment schedules of MPLS vendors (anywhere from 3-6 months depending on where your branch offices are). By taking months to deploy your business invariably becomes less agile, leading to delays in implementation of projects and poor productivity.

Can WAN Optimization come to my rescue?

The ones who do end up procuring MPLS, soon realize that it lacks the optimization that they need to save on expensive bandwidth and bypass the “speed of light” limitation. Therefore, they are forced to procure traditional WAN optimization appliances that need to be installed at all branch locations. However, they are capex-intensive and increase maintenance and management costs.

It’s time for your enterprise to shift gears!

It’s now time to innovate. With next-generation cloud-based WAN solutions, your enterprise can leapfrog legacy technologies like MPLS and WAN Optimization boxes. Cloud-based WAN providers with a stable private network with optimization technology baked into it help accelerate cloud-based applications hosted on any cloud service provider like Azure, Google apps, Office 365 and Amazon web services.No more waiting in queue in the Internet or waiting in your office for MPLs deployment, for access to your enterprise cloud services.

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