Outlook 2016 Nav Pane weirdness

*Sigh* A client inadvertently changed the look of their nav pane. They have no clue what they did. In fact, they blamed Outlook/Windows update for changing it. (Typical)

I’ve had no luck finding a solution to this. O365 support wasn’t very helpful.

Has anyone encountered this and/or found a way to set it back to “normal?”

(Disregard the obvious size differences between the nav panes. The “Abnormal” one is from a screen cap from the client’s machine, the “Normal” one is from my computer).


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11 thoughts on “Outlook 2016 Nav Pane weirdness

  1. Thereax says:

    Annd… here’s the reply when I emailed the tech about what the issue was…

    > Thank you for the update. We appreciate the feedback. And we do apology that we didn’t identity the version base on the UI. We get updates the same way the customers, and partners do.

    “The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing”

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