Task Automation Software Eliminates Errors And Makes Employees More Productive

Although the "gods" in IT might program your computers to do amazing things with your data, mere mortals in your accounting, intake, and processing departments are the ones who enter the data, manipulate it, and run reports. Your faithful, but human, staff can make mistakes, especially when doing repetitive tasks. Task automation software eliminates most errors and frees up your employees' time to focus on more important tasks.

What Is Task Automation Software?

Task automation software works behind the scenes to break down every step of a task from the planning to the final execution. You might even say it "reverse engineers" what is involved in a simple action such as entering a date, a more complex one such as changing it on a group of accounts, or an even more detailed one such as analyzing how many bank accounts are overdue on a particular day. Each tiny component of a task is turned into a script that will produce an action when the script is run.

Performing any one of the actions sounds like a simple task you can do manually. When businesses must enter, update, and manipulate information on hundreds, thousands, millions of accounts, doing it by hand becomes an overwhelming task that takes a huge block of time and manpower. Software automates the process.

The Presentation Layer – Looks Really Do Matter

In what looks like a million years ago, office workers entered data from paper forms into terminals with tiny black screens – a tedious and boring job suspectible to many errors. As Windows captured the office world, users took to its graphical user interface (GUI) and now even data entry has a more appealing look about it. This interface, the presentation layer, is what the users see and interact with in order to send instructions to the processing unit of the computer.

The presentation layer should be designed to be attractive, intuitive, logical, and user-friendly. As personal computers (and Apple products, of course) now process information with lightning speed, users can quickly and automatically manage and process data right at their desks by pressing a few buttons or by dragging and dropping information to a different part of the screen. If the screen is laid out well, they can do so with a minimum of frustration and correctly trigger the proper actions behind the scenes.

Workflow Automation Lets Workers Focus On More Important Tasks

On the job, most tasks are part of a larger process. Each of them must be completed smoothly and on time so that the next one can proceed on schedule; If one task is off schedule, you have a bottleneck that slows things down. Some repetitive tasks can be automated through software to reduce the likelihood of bottlenecks, while others that require more human intervention can be tracked via a computerized system.

Software facilitates workflow automation accurately and swiftly, often during off-hours for humans. Ideally, you can eliminate bottlenecks or at least see where they are with software. This allows businesses to use time, equipment, and manpower more efficiently. In the workplace, efficiency means cost savings. Since workflow automation software does some of the low-level repetitive tasks, workers can turn their attention toward problem solving and towards other jobs that require their unique talents.

Task automation software is not a one-size-fits-all product, but is customized to individual business types and needs. Virtually any company can incorporate workflow automation software to speed up and improve the accuracy of all or part of their processes.

Source by Chris A. Harmen

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