Migrating to Office 365 and need help understanding limitations of Shared Mailboxes

My org is using Hostgator right now and uses SolarWinds Orion and Web Help Desk. I have the following cases.

1. I have Orion sending emails from solarwinds@company.com. Is it possible to configure SolarWinds to use a shared mailbox to send from?
2. Web Help Desk connects to a mailbox and converts received mail into tickets. Is it possible to configure WHD with a shared mailbox?
3. Can a user login to a shared mailbox without having their own personal account? As in their Outlook will only have the shared mailbox? Right now, I have NOC technicians who use one mailbox, helpdesk@company.com, to send/receive email.

I was googling and found [this link](https://support.office.com/en-us/article/how-to-set-up-a-multifunction-device-or-application-to-send-email-using-office-365-69f58e99-c550-4274-ad18-c805d654b4c4?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US) on using SMTP client submission and direct send but I am not sure which one actually fits my needs. I don’t want to have to create licensed users for automatic system operations.

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3 thoughts on “Migrating to Office 365 and need help understanding limitations of Shared Mailboxes

  1. gusgizmo says:

    You’ll want to get an E1 license for your service account to receive email. That will allow it to log in via IMAP and receive mail.

    Alternatively, setup a [webhelpdesk.company.com](https://webhelpdesk.company.com) domain with it’s own MX record, and have it digest email via smtp directly. This is actually nice as you can digest mail faster.

    Sending email via SMTP directly is cake, I just edited my SPF record to include my relay, and added a whitelist rule to 365 just to be safe. Neither is a hard requirement.

    You can have multiple users share one login, but that has nothing to do with shared mailboxes. Shared mailboxes are mailboxes attached to multiple user accounts. You may be running afoul of the license police if you have them do anything but mail, sharepoint and office users definitely need their own licenses.

  2. noahsmybro says:

    3. Can a user login to a shared mailbox directly?

    No. Shared mailboxes cannot be logged in to directly. The contents can only be accessed from Outlook or OWA after your user has already logged in to a user mailbox.

    You *can* grant SendAs rights for the shared mailbox to other users. That will allow you to let your application send outbound emails’from’ the shared mailbox.

  3. noahsmybro says:

    At least one. There is no technical reason you can’t configure all of your devices and/or applications to use the same single account.

    And I don’t think that would be a licensing violation, but I will never state anything definitively concerning licensing. I’m not smart enough to understand MS licensing.

    And if you don’t need anything but a mailbox then you can always get an Exchange Plan 1 license. I think that is only something like $4/month.

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