Users cant Login to Sharepoint since 2 Weeks

Hey all,

as seen in the Subject i have problems with Sharepoint Online.

First i thought this could maybe be related to the general o365 problems from end of January. But they should already by fixed as far as i know. When im looking in the Office 365 Admin Center the Health Satus for Sharepoint is fine.

However when user try to login to one of the site the receive the following error:

**that unfortunately did not work**

**The login is not working at the moment. We work on it! Please try again later**

i opend a Ticket with ms but till know no solution.

I will upload the error [here]( but unfortunately its in German

Maybe someone has any idea 🙂

**EDIT 13.02.2019**
Yesterday i had a 2,5 hour phone call with MS. We coudnt fix the issue by now.

What we noticed is it only effects one domain, so when i change the user to a different domain it works.

Of course this is not a solution. For the domain where its not working when trying to login to []( after i but in the username i got redirected to the login every time.

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5 thoughts on “Users cant Login to Sharepoint since 2 Weeks

  1. REO_Jerkwagon says:

    Pop into the Sign-ins log for the Azure AD instance in the background, and see if there are any clues there. Anymore MS is putting a LOT of good diagnostic info in that log.

    (O365 Admin, scroll to the bottom on the left, Azure Active Dir is in the list there somewhere)


    User’s browser also looks like Firefox. For giggles, make sure the error behavior is the same on IE.

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