My team has migrated into Office 365, and we do a lot of editorial/communications/info request work for other groups within our company. Before the migration, a colleague from another team built an intake form and project tracker in SharePoint for us, which did the job, but had some annoying limitations. I could send a link to the form to anybody at the company, and the results would go into our SharePoint site, so that was great, but there was no calendar or task management or any sort of useful view or flow of that information when we got it – just a list of the forms with status and notes fields attached with some basic sorting.

Before we go remaking what we had before or I go learning another system to make something better, I want to make sure we’re using the right tools, as I don’t really know which app or apps would work best for what I’m trying to do.

I have experience separately with Teams, OneNote, and Sharepoint, but I don’t really know much at all about Flow or Planner, and I’m not used to the 365 ecosystem, and I’m sure I’m not using the full capabilities of all of them.

If you wanted to do project and task tracking, organization, scheduling, and assignment, but you wanted people outside your team to be able to file requests that would automatically go into the pool to be assigned, what apps would you use to do it? And any recommendations for learnings to help implement it?


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