After many years of having to buy individual copies of Office Home & Business, I’ve finally been given the go-ahead to look at moving to G-Suite. Personally, I think we’d be better off moving to O365 – user familiarity with the Office suite of programs, need for full compatibility with Office file formats, things like that mean I can make a convincing argument for that.

When I was asked to look at this, I was told one of the main drivers was the need for multiple users to edit the same document simultaneously (which is why I was told to look at G-Suite – people are very used to doing that nowadays). The other thing that was high on the list was remote access to files (which are currently stored on a Synology NAS).

I suppose my question is something along the lines of ‘how easy is it to get the Sharepoint component setup to support this?’ (esp. as the last time I touched Sharepoint, it was on-prem, Server 2003, probably 6 years ago. Did very little with it, other than swear at it!).

I don’t want to get the approval to switch to O365 only to find that actually getting it to do what we want is really complex, and is going to take me weeks of hunting through Google search results for that one article which tells you about that obscure checkbox that needs ticking, and then that feeling that this is going to be a never-ending project as you find out something else doesn’t work!

I guess the ideal is for the document sharing in O365 to be as easy as it is in G-Suite – can/does it come close?

This is for a small company, currently 45 employees (though that’s slowly increasing, likely to be 55/60 this time next year), on-prem Exchange. Mix of Office 2013, 2016 and 2 copies of 2019. All using Home & Business versions.

Any pointers/opinions welcomed, many thanks!

[edit] – many thanks for everyone’s help and advice, very much appreciated. Sounds like my thinking that O365 is likely the best option for us is correct, and the setting up of collaboration is nice and simple, with nothing lurking in the wings to catch my out!

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