We recently learned that even though we disabled the Sharepoint license for all users, the users still get a sharepoint site when they create an O365 Group / Team. According to Microsoft support this is a “known issue”.

None of my coworkers has any Sharepoint experience but we’ve all heard the horror stories about companies that have to start all over with their Sharepoint environment if they don’t build a proper foundation(?) in Sharepoint which allegedly can take weeks/months.

Is this also relevant for the Sharepoint sites that come with Teams / Groups? We’ve done a bit of configuring, i.e. disabling 3rd party apps in Teams, limiting Guest access and grouped which users who can create Teams / Groups, but we’re very unsure what we should do Sharepoint-wise. Do you guys have any advise or pointers in where we should focus our energy so we get off to a good start? I read something about data classification and we’re thinking about enabling this due to the GDPR regulations but I’m not sure what that would help really.

Any advice is appreciated or maybe just links to relevant sites would be helpful. I’ve searched around for some days now but I usually just find articles that explain what Teams are and not a lot about the Sharepoint part.

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